Level 1:

This class teaches all the beginning tricks, spins  and floor work to get you comfortable with the pole.  It is focused around fitness, core and shoulder strength.  We do something fun and different every class.  Each class you will learn new choreography.  All level of students are welcome.  This is a great class to add  spins and floor work to other routines, or freshen up old tricks!  This class is without heels, but you are welcome to bring them if you would like.

Tricks & Flips:

Must be in Level 2 Class to attend. This class is focused on isolated tricks & flips!  You must have instructor permission to take this course or have some experience in pole dancing.  We work on tricks from the ground up!  Looking for a major core and stamina training or step up your pole game?  This is a high-impact class.  Life is better upside down!  Wear shorts and sports bras.  The more skin, the better... it sticks you to the pole!  Don't forget your Dry Hands.  High heels optional!

Level 2:

This class is the beginning of inversions, tricks, and flips!  Each week we introduce a new combination, so we encourage you to bring your camera!  Film it, practice it, LOVE IT!

Level 3:

Must have permission to attend class from one of our instructors.


Intro to flex:

No matter what your fitness or flexibility level, come and push your body to the limit! All levels welcome! This class challenges you to get into incredible shape, warming up with conditioning & strength training for toning and leaning out. As your body gets warmer, we take your flexibility training deeper and further. Experience active flexibility training to enhance your flexibility for any sport, using the strength of your muscles to gain more flexibility safely and effectively. This class will challenge every muscle group and has been developed using methods from dance, gymnastics, contortion, pole, aerial, hand balance, pilates, yoga, barre and more. It’s the perfect balance of strength and flexibility for any athlete. Exercises change weekly.  Class is typically done barefoot but athletic shoes may be worn if preferred for plyos.

Advanced Flex:

Now you have your splits almost down, and looking to get a little deeper. Over splits, box splits, and shoulder flex oh my! 😉


Hair flips please!? This class starts with a dancer’s warm up and cardio style fitness training. The class is a choreographed dance, that does not use the pole. All dance levels are welcome. High heels are encouraged, but may be done barefoot.


This class is for every level. It is done in dancer high heels (Pleaser USA), and teaches you a choreographed number for a 4 week term. You may drop in at any time during the program. Shoes may be purchased in house with a discount of 15%.


Girl, that ass on fire! Our instructors have perfected the art of shaping that butt and mid section. This class is for every fitness level. Looking for some serious sculpting? Make sure to bring water!


Work your core! Learn to shimmy, Roll your Hips and control your core with this fun belly dancing class! Incorporating traditional Egyptian style belly dance that will make you smile the entire time! This is a low impact sexy workout! Be prepared to learn basic belly dance moves and small dance combinations! Hip scarves are highly recommended but not required! Your instructor will guide you on the things you need to get the most from this class.